Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Fact:  weekends are meant to enjoy.

To me that recipe includes brunch with a favourite, followed by a little shopping (for cardio), and of course doughnuts.  Random?  Perhaps.  Delicious?  Most certainly.

After a fantastic brunch courtesy of FARM, my sister and I decided to cap off our food adventure with doughnuts from Jelly Modern.  I went in with the soul purpose of bringing home one doughnut for Mr. Handsome, too bad I ended up walking out of there with three.  Fail.  Or is it?  Looks like it's a one for him, two for me kind of day.

Maple Bacon 
Sweet Potato Pie
Lemon Curd

Maple Bacon, not that great.  Disappointing indeed.
Sweet Potato Pie, good.
Lemon Curd, Amazing.  But, too be honest I'd eat lemon curd off of the bottom of a dirty shoe.  I'm classy like that!


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