Watermelon Feta Salad

Sundays, summer & salads, also known as three of my favourite "S"s.
We are now in the final stretch of summer vacation (how'd that happen?)  As we gear up to get the kids back to school and prepare to bid adieu to August, this also marks the time of year for another one of my favourite "S"s, you guessed it...SHOPPING.  
Yesterday we did our big back to school fall outfit shop, and yes, my Visa statement will tell you I went a little overboard  on the skinny jeans but I couldn't resist.  I only wish I was going back-to-school, in hopes of getting myself a new wardrobe....

Shopping - check
Sunday - check
Summer - check

The only thing left is salad.  This time I'm leaving vegetables out of it and opting for the ultra refreshing/ultra summer, watermelon.  Sweet, juicy, and perfectly paired with salty feta and fresh mint.  Welcome to your perfect summer salad in only 3 ingredients, it couldn't possibly get any easier.  


Hey Summer, 
Please hang on a for awhile longer, I'm not ready to part ways with you just yet.
Kind Regards,

Watermelon & Feta Salad

6 cups watermelon, cubed (de-seeded or seedless)
1 cup Feta cheese, drained and cubed or crumbled
handful mint leaves, thinly sliced
splash of white balsamic vinegar (optional)

Toss all the ingredients together in a large bowl, and serve.


  1. Hi there, just popped over to let you know that your link to Food on Friday: Corn was featured in my Need Some Inspiration? Series on Carole's Chatter today. Cheers

    PS love your watermelon salad - great pics!


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