Sunday Trip to the Farm: Saskatoon Season

Blue skies, flannel shirts, and a long weekend can only mean one thing...a visit to The Saskatoon Farm.
We started this tradition last year and aside from having spent a good hour picking ripe juicy berries in the sunshine, the highlight was having homemade pie and crumble to enjoy.  So needless to say J and the kids were more than thrilled about going again today, they love pie.  We all love pie.  Three cheers for Pie!

Our new family motto is.....
Pick Now, Pie Later.

Here is a look at our beautiful morning.  If you get a chance to visit The Saskatoon Farm, you should, there just may be pie at the end of it and that's all the incentive you need.  (They'll even make it for you, in case you are baking challenged, or perhaps you need a fix ASAP)

Stay tuned for a new pie recipe....Saskatoon Crumb Pie


  1. Thanks for this! We were just talking about the Saskatoon berry farm and if it was any good. Great pictures and looking forward to the pie recipe. Maybe we will head out there next week-end with our kids.

    1. Absolutely you should! Liam and Rowan love it out there, and they even have a bakery and restaurant for you to enjoy after all of the berry picking (the white chocolate and saskatoon berry scone is awesome FYI.) I hope you guys are having a great summer so far. Say hi to the kids from us!


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