Healthy "Cupcakes"

At first glance these appear to resemble cupcakes. 

But look closer and you will see artfully cutout pieces of watermelon, topped with strawberry whipped cream cheese and sprinkles.  No actual cake to be had.

Even though the 'cake' may be missing, what isn't, is that this is the perfect summertime dessert.  #Refreshing
And fruit posing as cupcakes makes it all the easier to justify seconds.  #Winning

Watermelon "Cupcakes" w/ Strawberry Whip Cream Cheese Frosting


1 watermelon (seedless or de-seeded)
250g tub strawberry cream cheese, softened
2 cups whipped topping (such as cool whip)


Using circle shaped cookie cutter, cut out watermelon approximately 2 inches thick.
In small bowl, combine softened cream cheese and whipped topping until well mixed.
Top each piece of watermelon with a spoonful of strawberry whip and garnish with sprinkles.

Feeling adventurous and wanting to tackle homemade whipped cream on your own, check out this fun post!  Cheers


  1. Cor! Very ingenious! It would be great if you'd pop this into Food on friday; Melon - I know it ran a couple of weeks ago but I will pin it so all the followers of that board will see it! Cheers


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