Needle-Felted Spring Eggs

We are still 2 days out from the Big Feast/Chocolate Coma which means there is still time for one more Easter craft.
This one comes courtesy of my Aunt L. from Nova Scotia, known to me as one of the craftiest people ever.  After a visit at her local yarn store, she came to YYC with these super cute needle-felted egg kits.  Beyond easy to make, they were also incredibly fun.  There's nothing like an afternoon with family and a good craft to get you in the Easter spirit!

To make these incredibly cute eggs, you'll need the following supplies:

  • Pre-Felted Styrofoam Egg 
  • Assorted Colour Needle Felt Wool
  • Medium Felting Needle
  • Colourful Wool Yarn

How To:
Working with small pieces of wool, arrange wool in desired shape and use the needle to gently poke into ball.  Feel free to layer colours on top of one another.  Repeat same process for yarn.

Go ahead, use your imagination and start decorating.  These will look great in a vase or wooden bowl, or as part of your Easter centrepiece amidst the glazed ham.  

Happy Easter!


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