Dinner with an Iron Chef

Okay, so maybe it wasn't dinner with an Iron Chef per se, but during our recent trip to Oahu, Jay and I made sure to visit the restaurant of one.  Chef Masaharu Morimoto.

Being a foodie, I make it my mission to scope out local hot spots to fill our bellies, and satisfy our taste buds.  And with my infatuation for Japanese cuisine, I thought it appropriate to visit Morimoto Waikiki, located in The Modern Honolulu hotel.

Dinner was without question some of the best food I've had to date.  It was fresh, presented beautifully, and the ambiance and view couldn't have been better.  But, I'll let you see for yourselves.

eats & drinks:

tuna pizza | olives, anchovy aioli, jalapeƱo
sushi | maguro / tuna;  king salmon / smoked
sashimi | maguro / tuna;  sake / salmon;  hamachi / yellowtail;  tai / japanese red snapper
spicy tuna roll |  tuna, scallion, spicy sauce
avocado roll |  avocado, cucumber

attems pinot grigio | giulia, italy 2011
morimoto hazelnut beer


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