Maple-Soy Salmon

Last year's Christmas party with my hubby fueled a life changing event.  Prior to December 2010, the thought of raw fish, aka sushi, completely turned my stomach.  In fact, I'm pretty sure if you offered money, I would have turn you down (okay, depending on the amount of $$ I may have turned you down.)  So what fueled this change in me?  4 letters.  Wanna venture a guess?  W-I-N-E.  After a round of intense bowling and drinks, we were off to a sushi restaurant.  Well, there I was, the lone girl at the table who ordered teriyaki chicken.  Seriously, sushi?  Are you kidding me.  No thanks.  Well, I finished my chicken and I was still hungry.  There was nothing around me but, boats and boats of sushi.  Okay, I can do this, just give it a shot you big wuss.  After some coaching, I went for it.  Reaction?  OMG, this is AWESOME.  I waited 28 years to try this?  I've got some catching up to do.  I'm proud to say, I now sushi (can one sushi?) at least once a week.  If I don't I'm grumpy.  Pass the chopsticks!

So for dinner this past weekend, although not sushi, is similar in flavour.  Maple-Soy Salmon.  Mmmm.  I have to thank my buddy JM for the delicious fish, that he caught himself.  Not only did he bring me over salmon, but halibut as well.  Oh, and a bottle of my favourite red wine.  Thanks JM!  You're the best!!

Maple-Soy Salmon

1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tsp reduced sodium soy sauce
1 clove garlic, minced
4 (4-6oz) salmon fillets, with skin

In small bowl whisk together maple syrup, soy sauce and garlic.  
In large Ziploc bag place salmon fillets and marinade.  Refrigerate for 2 hours, turning throughout. 
Preheat BBQ to high.  Spray grill top with non-stick spray.  Cook fish skin side up for 2 minutes, flip, skin side down.  Baste with remaining marinade and cook for 5-7 minutes with lid closed.  Remove salmon with spatula, skin should remain stuck to grill.


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