Crispy Fish Tacos w/ Jalapeño Ranch Sauce

in our family fish tacos reign supreme.  i think we come by it honestly, at least my kids do.  it's likely embedded in their DNA passed on by mr. handsome and myself.

some of the best tacos we've had came from tacofino in vancouver.  they were incredible, yes that good!  so it's probably a good thing the two of us are separated by a province, as i'm not sure any of us could be trusted to not overindulge should we be given the chance.

when it comes to fish tacos, i can go either way, grilled (aka the healthiest version) or fried (the absolute tastiest version), i like flour tortillas over corn, a little cabbage slaw for crunch, avocado for the creamy-indulgent factor, cilantro, and a little sauce (preferably with some kick) after all you are in the presence of a girl that shoots Sriracha sauce when she feels a cold coming on...

last month litehouse foods reached out to see if i was interested in trying some of their dips.  obviously, YES PLEASE.  when i came accross the jalapeño ranch one i knew immediately it would make for a great 'sauce-with-a-kick factor' for crispy fish tacos.  and did it ever.  these tacos went down far too quickly and are a snap to whip up on any weeknight.

litehouse has a great selection of dip varieties to choose from, and their uses extend far beyond something to dip a plain carrot stick into.  i mean would you rather have carrots or fish tacos...just saying.
get creative.

cheers. xo.

Crispy Fish Tacos w/ Jalapeño Ranch Sauce

frozen battered fish (or you could make your own)
small flour tortillas
napa cabbage, shredded thinly
red cabbage, shredded thinly
avocado, sliced thin
litehouse jalapeno ranch dressing

cook fish according to package directions.
to assemble.  place slaw on tortilla, top with fish, avocado, drizzle with sauce and top with cilantro.

disclaimer:  litehouse provided me with the dips, all opinions are my own.


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