open faced hummus & avocado sandwich

summer is officially in full swing, and with the countdown to the end of the school year being marked off at an alarmingly fast pace, i'm eagerly trying to find ways to keep our little family busy for the next two months.

family roadtrips, stampede, summer camps, and days spent beachside, pretty much have it covered.

with summer planning out of the way, i now direct my attention to the next important task at hand, lunch.

an open faced, hummus & avocado sandwich w/ crunchy cucumbers and crisp radishes.  this is what summer looks like and this is what summer tastes like.
round two will be happening tomorrow, or tonight, or both, or all summer long, i'm undecided as of yet.

Open-Faced Hummus & Avocado Sandwich

1 slice multi-grain bread, toasted
1 heaping tablespoon hummus
1/4 avocado, sliced
3 thinly sliced cucumber rounds
1 radish, sliced thin
sea salt, pepper & red pepper flakes to taste

to assemble sandwich:  spread hummus in an even layer on toasted bread.  top with avocado, cucumber & radishes.  sprinkle with sea salt, pepper and red pepper flakes


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