Blink Restaurant + Bar

this weekend mr. handsome and i celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  which is odd because i'm pretty sure i'm still only 23, at least that's my wishful thinking 33 year old self talking.

being it was a huge milestone marker,  i left the planning up to him.  although to be honest, i did make a back up reservation in the event that he left things to the last minute.  just call me type A

i actually don't do well with surprises, i like to know things, so this weekend was difficult for me.  he divulged some information to me the day before.  things like you need to be ready at 1pm and you need to pack an overnight bag.  so fast forward to saturday, and the plan took shape.

reservations at the fairmont pallisar,  afternoon patio lunch downtown to soak up the 24 degree weather and dinner at blink restaurant + bar.  i married a good man.

blink, located at 111 - 8th ave sw, was voted restaurant of the year 2015 by where magazine and it's easy to see why.  from its historic exposed brick walls to the open concept kitchen, it's as visually appealing as is the food delicious.  fresh, local, seasonal ingredients, prepared in a creative & imaginative manner, means my palette was more than pleased.  well done mr. handsome.
the halibut will bring me back hands down.

albacore tuna tataki |  avocado mousse, grapefruit get, spring radishes, seaweed from nova scotia, sesame, soy & horseradish vinaigrette

salad of buffalo mozzarella |  burnt walnut puree, fave beans, english peas, asparagus, frisee, torn brioche, watercress & lemon

wild caught pacific halibut |  name of spring vegetables, globe artichokes, rainbow carrots, sea beans, grilled spring onions

arctic char from whitehorse |  potato croquette, english peas, bc fire morels, vinaigrette of grilled asparagus

warm rhubarb & brown butter cake |  double churned ice cream, almond crumble

here is a look at the remainder of the weekend.  it was  simply perfect.
the best part is my surprise james taylor tickets which is happening on wednesday. xo.


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