The SugarBowl Bar & Cafe

good morning.

waking up in another city, fresh from a good night sleep in an extremely comfortable bed, after a great morning workout, means you get to brunch with your handsome husband guilt free.

breakfast came courtesy of the sugar bowl, which naturally means you should take pictures of actual sugar in bowls.  right?

just like dinner last night, this place also came with high praise, and line ups because of it's popularity, so i did what any eager breakfast enthusiast would do, and went for opening.

because i don't fool around with breakfast, i also took the advice of my fellow peers & blogger friends and ordered the cinnamon bun, which is arguably the best cinnamon bun known to man.  
it's also the size of my head.

it would also seem that the universe wants me to eat these cinnamon buns daily, since it's now in my recipe repertoire.
this is dangerous.

 cinnamon bun
fresh fruit salad |  grapes, blueberries, strawberries

SugarBowl Benny |  grilled corn bread, back bacon, b├ęchamel, potatoes


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