this past weekend mr. handsome and i were lucky enough to steal away some quality time with one another, sans kids, and head north to edmonton.

dinner.  a broadway show.  a fancy-shamancy hotel. breakfast.
this should be everyday life.  

especially this dinner.  and breakfast.  but seriously this dinner.

taking cue from my fellow foodie bloggers, mr. handsome and i took a cab and headed to Rostizado, a street-food inspired mexican hotspot, housed within the 100-year-old mercer warehouse.
an exposed brick and open kitchen concept where you can stare at the rotisserie in all it's glory, is my kind of place.

it's easy to see why people love this restaurant.  
the service was great.  
the food was exceptional.  
i only wish it existed in calgary,that way i could frequent it weekly.
yes, weekly.

ceviche de robalo |  fresh chilean sea bass cured in lime juice.  served with habanero chiles, white onion, orange segments, avocado slices & avocado oil

jicama salad |  jicama, pickled red onion, orange segments, cucumber, mint & lime juice

rosti-pollo |  dry rubbed local 'four whistle farm' chicken.  service with rosti-papas, tortillas & salsa

roasted carrots |  carrots, toasted almonds & epazote with a honey lime serrano vinaigrette

churros con dulce de leche |  strips of fried mexican dough coated with sugar and cinnamon.  served with dulce de leche
thanks for the amazing dinner Rostizado.


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