let it be sunday | final ski day & fondue w/ friends

it had to come to an end at some point.
sad.  i know.
our banff ski sunday's wrapped up this weekend.  
the kids successfully took to the hill for 10 weeks and it has been truly amazing to watch them progress and their confidence grow with each passing week.

with the end of ski lessons and the start of spring break both taking place at the same time, we thought we would make the best of it and spend the night in banff with our great friends J & K.
mix in some fondue, cows ice cream, and a hot tub and our night was officially made.

here's a little glimpse.  xo.

the grizzly house is a banff institution.  
fondue in an old swingers/disco club, seems reasonable, right?

 soup of the day |  tortellini 

caesar salad | parmesan & croutons

 tossed salad |  grizzly house dressing

neuchatel fondue |  swiss cheese, wine, kirsch

bagna cauda |  italian vegetable fondue

beef & prawn fondue
beef & scallop fondue

sauces |  sweet onion soy, spicy tomato, horseradish dijon, sweet & sour teriyaki, honey garlic

 chocolate fondue |  melted toblerone chocolate & fresh fruit

it's customary (it's actually not) that after you fondue, you walk over to cow's for ice cream.
#pecanpraline #cookiesncream #doublescoopinawafflecone

 and then after you ice cream, you hot tub it....

and then you go to bed, so you can get up bright and early and take in the beautiful surroundings while the rest of the world sleeps.

perfect weekend.xo.


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