Spinach & Feta Scrambled Eggs

good morning.
can you believe it's already february?  
january came and went with hurricane fury and i'm still unsure how i feel about this. 
part of me is excited about the arrival of spring (yes, i'm aware it's still 2 months away), flip flops, and hiking season, but the 'trying-to-live-in-the-present-me' doesn't want our family sunday ski weekends to end.
coupled with the fact that this winter has been mild i'm more than enjoying it.
so with only 4 weeks left, including a full weekend getaway, winter's pretty great.  feel free to stick around february.
in the meantime, this next week is an action packed one. 
brunch dates, dinner parties, and restaurant reservations a plenty, means a more than balanced approach when it comes to eating at home.  
luckily, healthy food holds a special place in my heart, it shares space with the same fondness of cheesecake believe it or not.
but today it's all about eggs & spinach.
green eggs, no ham, if you will.
throw in a little feta cheese and some red pepper flakes and you've got yourself a healthy, happy breakfast.

up next, steakhouse dinner (maybe cheesecake??)
today is looking pretty stellar.
cheers. xo

Spinach & Feta Scrambled Eggs

2 eggs
2 handfuls baby spinach
2 tablespoons feta cheese, crumble
pinch of red pepper flakes
pepper to taste
olive oil

in small bowl whisk eggs with pepper.  set aside.
heat olive oil in a small skillet.  add spinach and cook until it begins to wilt down.  add in beaten eggs and cook stirring until just set.  stir in cheese and finish with red pepper flakes.

serves: 1


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