Pizza & Wine Guide

wine & pizza pairing?
rejoice, there's an app for that!
my good friend KA recently told me that not only does pizza pair well with wine; but also with beer, water, soda, grape drink, kool-aid, a bucket of rain water, a glass of your enemies tears, etc.
in short, EVERYTHING.

assuming your a traditionalist like me, and are currently out of your enemies tears at the moment, there is now an app {thanks vinepair} that will point you in the right direction when it comes to your favourite pizza and the wine best suited.  
you're welcome!
go ahead, get the app, and let the pairing and glorious pizza eating begin....
you should probably also invite me over....i like both of those things.  a lot.  also i'm fun. and i happen to know which wines pair well with cookies too.  #justsaying


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