Brunch | Ox & Angela

let's agree that all weekends should start with brunch at a trendy downtown restaurant, the sun shining, and with good friends in tow.
simple request, right?
it was today, for myself & 3 others at least.

mr. handsome and i traded in our kids (or left them to be spoiled with the grandparents) for the morning, as our friends c & d joined us downtown at one of my favourite restaurants for a stab at their brunch offerings.
ox & angela located at 528 17th ave sw, is a spanish tapas restaurant with an emphasis on sharing food, which naturally entices my favourite type of conversation, one about food.

in addition to their regular menu, o&a also have a 'spanish table' (or in this  case a 'brunch table') offering, allowing you to try a bit of everything course by course, which always makes for a happy palate and smiling belly.  and today we did just that. 
6 courses of delicious food; including amazing dates, eggs benedict w/ blood orange hollandaise sauce, and smoky fried potatoes topped w/ garlic aioli, that I honestly just want to eat 5 plates of, by myself, before taking 2 more to go. 
#imnotperfect #dontjudge

thanks to our brunch companions for a wonderful start to our weekend.  xo.
only one question remains, when/where is our next date? #toughtobeat

The Brunch Table

tortilla espaƱola |  spanish baked omelette of potato, red pepper, spanish onion sour cream
dates |  stuffed persian dates w/ serrano, manchego, walnut & pomegranate molasses

croquettas |  salt cod & potato croquettas, aioli & house-made chili oil

mediterranean salad |  local tomatoes & cucumbers, roasted onion, goat feta, crispy chorizo, kale salsa verde

patatas bravas |  crispy fried baby potatoes, smoked paprika ketchup, garlic aioli

huevos benedictinos |  grilled sourdough eggs benedict, sliced serrano ham, tomato, blood orange hollandaise


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