My Oat(meal) Obsession

It's no secret I could keep Quaker Oats in business by myself.  I should own stock in this company.  I love oats.  I love them rolled or steel cut, in cookies or smoothies, but mostly in the form of a piping hot bowl of oatmeal.  I figure it's time to recap my favourite breakfast obsession. 
If you are as crazy/mad-in-love with oatmeal as me, then this is sure to make your stomach growl and hunger pains set in...

Strawberry Vanilla Cheesecake Oatmeal

Banana Nut Steel Cut Oatmeal

Zucchini Bread Oats

Baked Berry Oatmeal

Almond Butter, Banana & Oatmeal Smoothie

Steel Cut Oats 

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Sweet Potato Oatmeal

PB&J Oatmeal

Cheesy-Eggie Oatmeal

Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Eggnog Oatmeal


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