vanilla wafer pencil cookies & the first day of school

wait, what?
that was summer?
can i have a do over i wasn't ready?

it's back to early morning bus stops and packed lunches.  as i walked with them to the bus stop and kissed them goodbye, i now find myself in an all too quite house counting down the 8.5 hours till i see them again and hear all about their first day back.

i also made sure that in their lunch boxes today was a special little treat.  vanilla wafer pencil cookies.  seems more than fitting for the first day of the new school year.

love you L & R.
xoxo, Mom

Vanilla Wafer Pencil Cookies

vanilla wafer cookies
confectioners sugar
red food colouring
chocolate chips

using a sharp knife, make two small cuts to create the point on the pencil.
mix confectioners sugar with a little milk in a bowl, until desired consistency is reached (not thick as you want to be able to dip it and have some of the excess shake off) 
dip the pointed ends into the white frosting and place a chocolate chip on each.  let harden.
meanwhile add a drop or two of red food colouring into the leftover frosting and dip the other end to create the 'eraser' part of the pencil.  let harden.


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