chocolate-vanilla greek yogurt dip

it's almost the end of summer and i'm trying to prepare myself for the quietness that is about to consume me on tuesday when school is once again in full session.
this summer flew by with so many great memories made.  hours at the beach logged, kilometres on the road driven, and sun tan lines to prove we truly spent every second we could outside. 
so as we say farewell, i wanted to make a special treat for the little people i love so dear.
so, chocolate-vanilla greek yogurt dip seems like the appropriate choice to accompany our super sweet fresh strawberries.

cheers.xo. #summer2017

chocolate-vanilla greek yogurt dip

1 cup vanilla greek yogurt
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 tablespoons brown sugar
3 tablespoons milk chocolate chips
splash of vanilla

in small bowl mix together yogurt, cocoa powder, brown sugar, and vanilla stirring till well combined.  add in chocolate chips.
serve with fresh berries or cut up bananas


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