Carrot-Orange Juice

it can be easy to lose site of eating healthy and maintaining a regular routine over the course of the holiday season.  between christmas parties, office snacks (hello, truffle pig) and brunches-a- plenty, willpower is often put to the ultimate test and typically loses the battle.

thankfully, january reminds us to get back on track and fuel ourselves with proper nutrients instead of the diet of shortbread and eggnog december became accustomed too.
and february allows us to continue on this trend too.

juicing is a great way to get started.  i'm not talking about the full-on, survive solely on liquids for a week kind of juicing.  more like a small glass to accompany an early morning bowl of oatmeal.

last year during a vacation in mexico, i fell in love with fresh pressed juices.  carrot and orange was my go to (and because it was vacation i may have also had a splash of champagne) luckily for  mothers day,  mr. handsome and the kids listened to my never ending juice obsession and surprised me with my very own juicer so i could fresh press whenever i pleased.

and with january gone and juice accomplished, i plan to incorporate juicing as a daily habit to keep on track, fuel my body, keep sugars at a minimum and remain hydrated.

cheers. xo.

carrot-orange juice

4 cups baby carrots
2-3 oranges, peeled
pinch or two of tumeric


juice carrots first, followed by the oranges.  stir in tumeric and pour over ice.


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