Las Vegas Weekend | July 2016

if you're a canadian reader i hope you had a wonderful canada day long weekend.  if you're an american reader thanks for your hospitality last weekend.
   mr. handsome and i brought our canadian t-shirts as we jumped on board a plane to u.s. soil and headed down to vegas to eat, drink, and see garth brooks.

having frequented vegas multiple times, we always try and do something new, and eat at places we've never been to, and this time was no different.  we stayed at the paris, rented a car and drove to the hoover dam and around boulder city (because diners, drive-ins & dives highlighted a must visit cafe) we ate amazing food, soaked up 40+ sunny skies, and of course saw mr. garth brooks himself, which always makes me smile.

here is a look at what we saw, ate, drank, and conquered. cheers. xo.

our first stop after we landed was to grab some brews and burgers from Gordon Ramsey's BurGR.  trust me when i tell you it is everything everyone tells you it will be.  and for reference i'd like to request six sides of the parmesan truffle fries for my last meal.  simply amazing.


hell's kitchen burger |  asadero cheese, roasted jalapeños, avocado, oven roasted tomatoes, jalapeño pesto aioli
truffle parmesan fries |  hand cut fries, truffle parmesan, truffle salt, truffle aioli

dinner brought us to sushi roku in caesars palace.  sure we were still full from lunch but we powered through like the true champions we are.

 edamame |  okinawa sea salt

tuna tartare |  yuzu guacamole & tamari soy truffle

crunchy spicy tuna roll |  avocado
tuna jalapeño roll |  spicy tuna topped with tuna sashimi & yuzu olive oil
tuna tataki sashimi & salmon sashimi

happy canada day!!
the next morning we got up early, picked up our rental car and headed out to visit the hoover dam.  
i actually (embarrassingly) didn't really know much about this site prior to our trip.  it truly is a testimony to the country's ability to construct a world-renowned structure in the midst of the depression.
the structure itself is 726.4 feet from the foundation rock to the roadway on the crest of the dam.  the towers and ornaments on the parapet rise 40 feet above the crest.  weighing in at more the 6,600,000 tons and using more than 5,000,000 barrels of cement it's amazing to think it only took 5 years to build during the depression with harsh and barren land.  it's stands today as a national historic landmark and as one of america's seven modern engineered civil wonders.

following our tour, we decided to stop in boulder city, which was constructed to house government officials and contractor employees of the dam.
today it houses cute antique markets and the world-famous coffee cup cafe, which was featured on my favourite food network show; diners, drive-ins and dives.
also it didn't disappoint and would you believe that all the food was only $18.
officially checked off another restaurant off my triple-d bucket list.  thanks nevada!

cali omlette |  spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, avocado, pepper jack cheese.
served w/ toast & fruit bowl

pork chili verde omelette |  tender pork, famous green chili sauce, cheddar cheese.
served w/ hash browns & toast

being stuffed from brunch we headed back towards the strip to do a little shopping.  i bought running gear, seems fitting since i'm eating my way through the state at this point.

next up dinner.
i chose beauty & essex in the cosmopolitan.  it's also safe to say this was my favourite meal of our entire vacation and not just because i got to sit beside the owner/chef chris santos (from chopped)  #bucketlistpart2

beauty and essex is really unique in that instead of walking into a restaurant you instead walk into a pawn shop, go through a secret door and then you're in the restaurant. 
#thisconfusedmeatfirst #newbie

yellowtail sashimi |  pickled jalapeno, barrel-aged fuji apple ponzu

orange kissed salmon ceviche |  jalapeno, mango, crispy corn tortilla

jewels on toast |  avocado, lemon, espelette

kale & apple salad |  apple cider vinaigrette, pancetta, candied pecans, shaved goat cheese

paprika spiced salmon |  sriracha-curry cauliflower, lemon yogurt, chive oil

elote style scallops |  charred corn salad, chipotle, lime, cilantro

broccolini |  garlic, soy, chili

this meal was demolished. it was incredible.  and if you are in vegas, new york or los angeles you should make all efforts to go.  seriously. go.  book a flight now.

the next morning i woke up bright and early and went for a great run down the strip while mr. handsome returned the car from yesterday.
fun fact.  in vegas only runners are up at 6am because it's too hot to run outside otherwise.
fun fact #2.  aside from runners, people struggling to find their way home after partying for what i can only imagine is 24 hours are also up and make for great people watching.

now that the run is out of the way.  we decided to make the 10km round trip walk to visit the famous 'las vegas sign'
i'm not going to lie it was hot, like really hot, i think more so because i had just finished a run and was drinking hot tea in 40+ degrees.  my own fault.

following our walk to and from the vegas sign, we decided to grab some lunch because i was starving.  surprise, surprise.
beer park, located in the paris sounded perfect.  outside patio with views of the bellagio fountains, lots of beers on tap, burgers and fries, and adult sized board games {to which i won at jenga, i'm also still awaiting my prize, ahem mr. handsome.}   perfection.  this girl is happy.

ahi tuna burger |  seared rare, ginger wasabi mayo, asian slaw, fresh cilantro
gilroy garlic fries |  fresh chopped garlic, parmesan, parsley, black pepper baconnaise

beer park cheeseburger |  american cheese, smoked onions, black pepper baconnaise, shredded lettuce, tomato

brunch in the books.
now to dinner.
then garth.  ahhhhh

dinner tonight was mr. handsome's pick.
harvest by roy ellamar in the bellaigo.  this restaurant focuses on farm to table dining, sustainable & seasonal, and also offers the unique feature of ordering small dishes of appetizers and desserts off of a snack wagon. 
who doesn't love a snackwagon?
also how many times are we going to eat truffle fries this vacation?

snackwagon appetizer | hawaiian poke of the day |  tuna, bourbon soy, furikake, bamboo rice

summer harvest salad |  blue lizard farms, nv, tomato, mozzarella, baby greens

sashimi of the day |  tuna, bourbon aged soy, micro wasabi, seaweed salad

filet mignon |  8oz grass fed angus

fisherman's stew |  assorted fish & shellfish, tomato saffron broth

truffle fries |  truffle dust, truffle mayo

with a belly full of seafood & more fries, it was time to make our way to the new t-mobile arena to see the incomparable mr. garth brooks & ms. trisha yearwood.
night complete.

after an amazing concert that lasted a solid 4 hours and firework display  it was time to get one last good nights rest in before heading home tomorrow.  luckily our flight home was at 9pm so we still had an entire day in vegas to lounge poolside, eat foutainside, and take in the last of the blazing summer heat.

but first we brunch at our favourite spot.  mon ami gabi.  french cuisine while we watch the dancing fountains across the way.  perfect sunday.

smoked salmon eggs benedict |  chive hollandaise sauce  |  served w/ pomme frites

spinach & goat cheese omelette |  served with blistered tomatoes, green beans, rustic bread

poolside one last time.  thanks vegas!

hello calgary.


  1. I've seen a couple of other events at other places, but this was my first time in here. It was amazing! Great LA venue, it's smaller than those bigger places but it is still a fair sized venue. Food was great and I think it's recently renovated - it didn't seem old or anything.


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