Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Despite having a few less days in it, February is the month with the most birthdays in our family.  First up is our beloved golden lab, Charlie, who is 7 (going on puppy), next is my sweet baby boy L, followed by my husband/best friend, J, and lastly, my father-in-law.  Needless to say, February also marks the month, that we wear sweatpants for 29 days.  In preparation of eating our body weight in sugar.  (Don't forget we are also forced to celebrate Valentine's Day - which is sure to put me in a chocolate coma) 
Last year's birthday cupcakes took the cake, so to speak.  A joint party for L & J meant they had to be special.  The only problem now, is this urge to outdo myself.  Can you say competitive?  Is it weird that I'm competing with myself?  Hmmm, don't answer that. 
Best start getting my creative juices flowing, I don't want to let myself down. 
As for now I'll leave you with my killer cupcakes from last years event.   Cookie Monster Cupcakes.    Om nom nom...

Cupcakes and a chocolate chip cookie?  How can I top this?  Perhaps a cookie/cake/pie combo is in order.  Mmmm, deliciousness.  Stay tuned.


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