The Edgy Veg Cookbook | Ginger Kombucha Mimosa

if you didn't catch my previous post on the portobello mushroom steaks w/ bearnaise sauce you are surely missing out.
now i'm sharing one more recipe from The Edgy Veg cookbook book by Candice Hutchings, which just so happens to be be available for purchase tomorrow.  

sundays in our house mean for me mean an early morning workout, coffee, mimosas & brunch, followed by all day football.  yes, the order is crucial.  

a major component to any brunch is a good mimosa {also, side note brunch is an excuse for morning alcohol}  i'll never shake my head at a mimosa {aka morning alcohol,} but if you can find a way for me to get some added still-boozy health benefits while sipping away, then you've likely made my guilt dissipate {wait who am I kidding, guilt?  Pfff}

this recipe for ginger kombucha mimosas,  uses a fermented probiotic as the cocktail mixer, basically making it 100% health food.  #sundaywin  

Ginger Kombucha Mimosa

8 champagne flutes
3 cups fresh squeezed orange juice
1 cup store-bought ginger flavoured kombucha
2 cups prosecco or sparkling wine
24 raspberries

in a large pitcher combine, combine orange juice and kombucha.  top with prosecco; stir to combine.
put 3 raspberries at the bottom of each champagne flute.  pour in kombucha mixture.

hack it
feel free to use any flavour kombucha that you desire.

recipe & drink image courtesy The Edgy Veg 


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