Juniper Bistro

brunch w/ a mountain view is just plain good for the soul.  mr handsome and i decided to try out a new venue for our weekly banff brunch, juniper bistro.  located at the base of mount norquay not only is the food delicious but the wall to wall windows offer unbeatable views.
it was the perfect precursor to our hike and day spent in nature.


it's also going to be where you'll find me next sunday because it's my new favourite breakfast spot.

smashed avocado on grilled sourdough |  blistered cherry tomato, evoo, arugula, soft poached egg.  served w/ green onion hash

salmon benny |  citrus biscuit, house smoked wild salmon, medium-poached eggs, hollandaise, lemon creme fraiche, pickled shallots.  served w/ brown butter hash

and now to explore the beautiful lake minnewanka and find a street name that matches mr. handsome.



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