How to Upgrade Boxed Cake Mix

confession:  i never make cakes from scratch.
is that bad?  i mean i'm a food blogger, i kind of feel like i'm cheating.  
meh, oh well, just because i opt to let duncan or betty do all the work doesn't mean i don't try and elevate the beloved box cake mix by adding a few extra ingredients.  i guess that makes it half homemade, right?

Liam is turning 9 tomorrow (how, i'm still not entirely sure??) 
i asked him what kind of cake he wanted me to make him, of course he said with enthusiasm "chocolate!"  i'm not sure why i ask anymore, i think it's because secretly i'm hoping one year he'll say confetti or lemon (that's the hopeful me and my wishful thinking)
so if chocolate is what he wants at least i can make a frosting we can both agree on salted caramel buttercream.  stay tuned for that one...

anyways i thought i would share a couple of my tips on how to make box cake mix taste like homemade.

  • whole milk.  swap out the water and add full fat milk. 
  • add an extra egg.  
  • melted butter in place of oil
  • add 1 TBSP sour cream
there you have it, simple swaps that will certainly elevate your birthday cake eating experience.

cheers. xo.


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