finally the se quadrant of the city now has a good gourmet-casual restaurant that doesn't require travelling downtown to get to.   don't get me wrong, 17th ave, 4th street & kensington house some of my favourite restaurants, but now we have a stand alone, non-chain-like restaurant that i can get to in 5 minutes, Starbelly. 

aside from the decor, which let's be honest is exactly what i love, exposed brick, reclaimed barnboard; character at it's finest.  they also house a great lunch menu and $5 glasses of wine during happy hour. 

this alone made it the perfect venue for a rainy friday afternoon date with my favourite once again calgarian, ST.
after being separated far too long by an inconvenient ocean, we are now reunited and determined to once again tackle every restaurant within the 403 area code.  

cheers to the weekend.xo

 mac & cheese |  4 cheese, house bacon, pickled peppers

pastrami sandwich |  cheddar, fancy sauce, rye bread, brassica mustard.  served w/ russet fries & caesar salad

roasted beet & pulled chicken salad |  local beets, arugula, walnuts, chèvre & smoked honey vinaigrette 


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