let it be sunday | johnston canyon, sushi bistro, table food + drink

one of my favourite hikes in the summer is johnston canyon. beautiful waterfalls & breathtaking scenery, it really is nature at the peak of perfection.

mr handsome and i decided to tackle the same hike in winter which proved to be impossible. i nearly dislocated my shoulder not once, but twice.  managed to fly down the mountain as though i was channelling my inner snowboarder, only to try and attempt to climb back up which produced frustrated tears as i plummeted for what seemed like the fortieth time in 1.5 hours.  ugh.
oh well at the very least we managed to see beautiful frozen waterfalls and learn a valuable lesson that you can't walk up and ice covered mountain only wearing snow boots.

after we hiked we then sushi'd {via sushi bistro}

after we sushi'd then we headed back to the ski hill to grab our two little ski bunnies and a pint.

then off to canmore for a little dinner/family catch up session.
man, i love sundays.

cioppino |  king crab, chef's daily fish, clams, mussels, tiger prawns, saffron tomato broth, grilled baguette

jambalaya |  chicken, chorizo, prawns, spiced tomato sauce, basmati rice, spring onion, peppers |  

 margarita flatbread |  roasted grape tomato, buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, basil pesto


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