a proud accomplishment & famoso pizza

i did it.
i ran my first 1/2 marathon yesterday.
i'm pretty much a self proclaimed 10km queen when it comes to running races averaging at least 1 per month, but yesterday i took a giant (untrained) leap into unfamiliar territory.

this year marked the 50th anniversary of the calgary marathon and also happened to fall on the same day as my wonderful dad's birthday.  laced up, with my mom tow, the three of us hit the pavement running.

to say i was nervous/anxious/a basketcase would have been an understatement.  i spent the week leading up to it toggling between excitement of a new feat and sheer terror over the realization of what i just signed up for (i was bipolar, no joke)  but, i pushed my fear and insecurities aside and gave it everything i had.

all 2 hours, 15 minutes & 25 seconds.

i crossed the finish line teary-eyed and into my dads arms (who is dynamite fast at running), followed by hugs from my incredibly supportive cheering squad.  their faces were in my head for the duration of race and pushed me to never stop or give up.  thanks team.xo.

with a half marathon now easily checked off my bucket list the next obvious step is to tackle a marathon eat as much pizza as possible, with wine, followed by more pizza & tiramisu.
oh famoso...

happy birthday dad.
thanks for being the inspiration i needed to tackle this race, because of you i accomplished & nailed it, and have a shiny new piece of hardware.
love you.xo.


  1. Wow, a fantastic achievement. Way to go. Cheers from Carole's CHatter


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