Sparkling Ice | Raspberry-Peach Prosecco Pops

What better way to celebrate the warmer temperatures than with a refreshing adult-style popsicle.
Raspberry-Peach Prosecco Popsicles might just be the popsicle of choice this summer!
Perfect for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle but still want to enjoy a refreshing beverage, this popsicle recipe is sure to be a hit at all of your summer soirees! Sparkling Ice- the lightly carbonated, zero-calorie beverage that combines sparkling water, fruit juice, vitamins, and antioxidants is the perfect ingredient for these frozen treats.

The prosecco is the added fun bonus!

Raspberry-Peach Prosecco Pops


raspberry layer
1 cup frozen raspberries
1/4 cup prosecco
1/2 bottle Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry
2 tablespoons sugar

peach layer
1 cup frozen peaches
1/4 cup prosecco
1/2 bottle Sparkling Ice Peach Nectarine
2 tablespoons sugar


to make the raspberry layer, purée raspberries, prosecco,  Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry, and sugar in a blender until very smooth.
fill each popsicle mold 1/2 full with raspberry mixture.
freeze while you make the peach purée.
to make the peach layer,purée peaches, prosecco, Sparkling Ice Peach Nectarine, and sugar in a blender until very smooth.
pour peach mixture over raspberry mixture to fill molds.
freeze until firm, at least 2 hours.


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