Litehouse OPADIPITY & Salmon Burgers w/ Cucumber Dill Greek Yogurt

i fancy myself a dipping professional.
i love making my own, i love it even more when i come across a great dip at the store for those instances when i'm short on time.

recently Litehouse Foods approached me to try out their new line of Greek yogurt dips, and who am i to turn down a sample, and a dip sample at that.
these low calorie dips are made with Greek yogurt, providing a source of protein, are free of preservatives, MSG, and gluten.  most importantly they are delicious, creamy, and the perfect accompaniment to vegetables in every hue imaginable.

Opadipity by Litehouse is available in 4 savoury, guilt-free flavours:

cucumber-dill  {50 calories/2g protein}
creamy ranch {60 calories/2g protein}
chipotle ranch {60 calories/2g protein}
spinach parmesan {70 calories/2g protein}

the best part is that these dips can also transform an average dinner. from tacos to potato salad to sandwich and burger spreads, they go beyond just vegetables. 
yesterdays sunday super of salmon burgers got an upgrade thanks to the cucumber dill dip.  a perfect pairing, killer flavour combination, and a hit with the entire famjam.  
it's safe to say we've got space reserved in our fridge for all four of these guys.

Salmon Burgers w/ Cucumber Dill Yogurt

4 fresh or frozen salmon burger patties
4 slices red onion, thinly sliced
4 slices thick cut tomato
4 romaine lettuce leaves
4 sesame seed buns, split & lightly toasted
6 tablespoons Opadipity Cucumber Dill Greek Yogurt Dip

cook salmon patties on bbq grill or in oven till desired internal temperature reached.
to assemble. place lettuce leaf on bottom half of each of the four buns, top with salmon burger, tomato, and onion.  spread 1 1/2 tablespoons dip on top half of bun and sandwich together.

enjoy. xo.

thanks litehouse, we loved trying out all of the flavours and dipping into summer snacking.

disclaimer:  lighthouse provided me with the samples, all opinions expressed are my own.


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