Beet Smoothie

when i make beets for dinner, i always make sure to cook a few extra to enjoy the following day.    beets are one of my favourite things, which is why they show up on the menu at least once, if not twice per week.

and for those who never think of roasted beets as leftovers, you really should.  they make lunch and even breakfast more enjoyable;  from salads to sandwiches to smoothies, day 2 tastes almost as good as day 1.

there's just no 'beeting' a good smoothie (pun completely intended)  enjoy

Beet Smoothie

1 medium beet, roasted or steamed, and cooled
1 banana, frozen
1/3 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
1 cup unsweetened almond milk

In blender or food processor whirl together all ingredients until smooth and creamy.  enjoy


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