Nobu | Paradise Island

if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you already know last week i spent 7 glorious days in the Bahamas.

it was pure perfection, don't worry, after i finish editing the 1200+ photos i took i will share a nice chunk of them with you guys in an upcoming post.

this post however, {aside from a few teaser pics} is about the delicious meal mr. handsome and i had on our date night.  we dined & celebrated 11 years of marriage at one of our favourite restaurants, NOBU.
it was delicious, but i'm certain the photos will speak for themselves.

thanks S & B for minding the kids poolside while we enjoyed a quiet night remembering how it all began.  cheers.

teaser island photos done, but now the food......

yellowtail sashimi with jalapeƱo

salmon tataki with cilantro sauce

spicy tuna crispy rice

tuna tacos

new style salmon sashimi 

japanese A5 wagyu beef


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