and today marks 6 years. can you believe it?

it's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that 6 years ago today i decided to take a leap of faith, try something completely out of my wheel house, and start a food blog.  
looking back it's something i couldn't be prouder of.  it has forced me out of my comfort zone, offered up new opportunities and new friendships, and that's all a girl can ask for.  
despite falling a little off course this year and not blogging as much as i once have, i feel a surge about now that the months are warmer and entertaining friends and family will once again be a weekly occurrence. oh, and of course then we have hiking in banff to once again look forward to.

until then i think i'll celebrate with a glass of rose, a little sushi, and maybe date square or two.
happy birthday to me!



  1. Congratulations. I'm just coming up to 6 years as welll - which seems unbelievable. Hope to see you over at Food on Friday:BBQ. Cheers from Carole's Chatter


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