Date Night | Cactus Club Cafe & Calgary Flames

the only thing better than a weekend date night, is a weekday date night and an overnight kids sleepover.

mondays are difficult.  the weekend is over.  there are five days of work looming over you until the next weekend.  but i like them just the same.  i like them even more when mr. handsome lines up the grandparents to watch the kids, takes me to dinner and then to a hockey game.  #luckyme

tuna tataki |  seared albacore, papaya slaw, avocado, pine nuts, yuzu vinaigrette, micro cilantro

cajun chicken sandwich |  aged cheddar, lettuce, mayo, tomato, avocado.  served w/ shoestring fries & caesar salad

and it would seem when we line up the grandparents to watch the littles overnight at their house, it means we don't need to come home till after one in the morning, having a time with good friends and late night mcdonalds drive thru runs. 


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