bacon-pancake dippers

happy boxing day!
or as i like to refer to it, day 3 of eating and drinking to your hearts & stomaches content.

this morning i went with a fun, kid-like approach to breakfast.
handheld bacon and pancake dippers ready for maple syrup dunking action.

bacon in anything is amazing, but there is something even better about it when you combine the saltiness that is the beloved pork, with the sweetness of maple syrup.
sweet-savoury win!

cheers!  xo.

bacon-pancake breakfast dippers

12 slices bacon 
buttermilk pancake batter, prepared

maple syrup for serving

cook bacon according to package directions and pat dry of excess grease.
meanwhile, prepare pancake batter, set aside.
preheat non-stick skillet sprayed with nonstick spray over medium low heat.
place cooked bacon in middle of the pan.  carefully pour batter over bacon to cover it.  cook till underside is golden.  flip and cook again.
repeat with remaining slices.

enjoy! xo.


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