for the love of sundays: afternoon baseball

in the spirit of forging ahead with my summer bucket list to see and experience as much as our wonderful province has to offer, this weeks family adventure took us out the the ball game.
the okotoks dawgs game to be exact.

this was L & R's first baseball experience and we couldn't have picked a nicer afternoon to spend at the stadium.
throw in some peanuts, hot dogs, popsicles, a wobbly pop, KA and a dawgs victory, and you've made my sunday.

one, two, three strikes (edmontons) out,
at the old ball game.


  1. looks like such a fun day! haven't been to a dawgs game in two years; i'll need to change that! we grab the $5 lawn seats, a hot dog and some sunscreen and enjoy!

    1. $5 berm seating is the way to go. i'm already looking forward to catching a playoff game in the next week or two!


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