Annual PB&J Sandwich Party

Today marked our 3rd annual sandwich making party.  Each year our family forgoes Christmas gifts and in exchange, we pool our funds and help out a local charity.  
We've grown fond of supporting the Drop-In Centre, and do so, by making PB & J sandwiches which we deliver and are flash frozen.  This year we made 750+ sandwiches which will be used as part of the DI's bagged lunch program.  Sandwich Success!

This family tradition is our little way of giving back to the city we love so much.  Best of all, we complete this project as a family, are instilling the 'true spirit of Christmas' in our children, and helping out our fellow neighbours in the process.
I hope this small act of Christmas cheer, may inspire some of you to go ahead and do the same. Time and money go a long way, not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year. So go ahead, find charity in your community that could benefit from your volunteer efforts, remember, Christmas is more about giving than receiving.

Happy Christmas & Merry Everything.

Peace & Love

image courtesy: martha stewart


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