Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Do I have your attention? Are you salivating yet?
I think I could stop this post right here. There is no need for me to continue, the title speaks for itself. Honestly, pairing a classic sandwich w/ great pub food is a deadly combination. Why didn't I think of this before? Having kids and a husband that are die hard sandwich fans, requires me sometimes change things up. Grilled cheese is a staple in our house and it recently dawned on me since starting this blog, there are numerous 'grilled cheeses' that I have yet to try. This recipe is courtesy of Closet Cooking, although I've adapted it to suit my individual preference and love affair with goat cheese and texas toast. Go ahead give this sandwich a try, I promise you will not be disappointed.
Deliciousness. Period.

Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese

2 slices texas toast
1 1/2 Tbsp goat cheese
2 jalapenos seeded, sliced in half
1/4 cup cheddar cheese
1/4 cup monterey jack

Place peppers on baking sheet cut side down and broil 8-10 minutes until blackened. Remove from oven, and place in zip lock bag to cool for 20 minutes. Remove from bag and pinch off skins.
Assemble sandwich and grill till golden in color and cheese is melted.


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