Friday, 21 November 2014

artichoke & feta dip

the holiday season is in full force.  
i'm in full hosting mode, thinking about all things appetizers, sweets, and festive cocktails alike.

and, because i enjoy spending my time with friends and family instead of in the kitchen, i like to keep things simple.
deliciously simple.

thankfully i came across this recipe for a wonderful dip that is sure to have guests gathered around and indulging happily.
cheers. xo.

artichoke & feta dip

surround feta with artichoke hearts, oregano, and lemon peel.  douse the whole lot in olive oil and heat through.
serve with crackers or crostini

image and recipe courtesy Martha Stewart Living Magazine December 2014

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


this past weekend mr. handsome and i flew to vegas along with some friends to take in some sun, shopping, food, & shows.

if you've ever traveled with me before you know i take great pride in picking the restaurants we choose to dine at. 
on friday my selection took us to japonais, located in the mirage resort & casino.  
dinner was amazing to say the least, and the pictures speak for themselves.
fresh, flavourful and presented beautifully.  i absolutely love the the attention to detail with this cuisine.

the only thing that made the night better was the boyz II men concert that followed where i was lucky enough to be given a rose and slow danced/seranaded by the boyz themselves

 i love you vegas!

miso soup |  white miso, wakame, scallions, & tofu

edamame | steamed soy beans

madai |  japanese red snapper
akami |  lean tuna
sake |  scottish salmon

bukuchi roll |  spicy yellowtail with scallions & tempura crunch, topped with yellowtail, white onion, & jalapeƱo
spicy tuna roll

crispy shrimp & salmon roll |  panic breaded shrimp roll topped with soy marinated salmon, wasabi tobiko sauce

yellowtail |  diced jalapeƱos, ginger soy

tuna & mango | crispy brussels sprouts, shaved onion salad, hot & sour vinaigrette 

the rock |  thinly sliced mariated new york strip steak cooked on a hot rock presentation

apple pie |  vanilla bean ice cream

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